Certificate Program Tourisme and Sustainability

Do you work in hospitality and your main challenge is sustainability?

Join the “Tourism & Sustainability” Certificate Program and turn sustainability into a business opportunity.

By completing this course, you will:

✅ Access real-world case studies shared by some of the leading hospitality companies and learn strategies for innovation to make the system more sustainable

✅ Evaluate the impact of resource management on environmental, social, and economic aspects of tourism;

✅ Implementing sustainable practices for efficient resource utilization and preservation;

✅ Communicate effectively about Sustainable Tourism principles and practices;

✅ Develop all the skills and knowledge necessary to actively contribute to a more sustainable future in the Tourism industry;

✅ Engage with stakeholders to promote Sustainable Tourism initiatives;

✅ Explore and navigate the complexities of sustainable destination management.

The Tourism & Sustainability Certificate Program will start in March 2024 and is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. If you are interested in participating, apply before the available places run out.

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